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English as a Second Language (ESL)


There are three primary goals for the ESL Curriculum, which are related to the four language skills, i.e. listening, reading, speaking and writing. These goals define the major program outcomes as they apply to all English language learners to use English:

1: To communicate in social settings.

2: To achieve academically in all content areas.

3: In professionally, socially and culturally appropriate ways applied to multicultural and diverse settings.

With these goals in mind, the ePIP© ESL Program gears towards preparing students for educational programs internationally and in English speaking settings. It also prepares adults in specialized English courses for their specific industries and work environments.


Basic College Level English

  As a preparation course for professionals, ePIP© offers Fundamental English at university or college level. With its wide collection of lessons in English grammar and structure, Vocabulary development, and literature for listening and reading comprehension skills development, ePIP© provides a comprehensive courseware portfolio for students in the tertiary education level to acquire the necessary proficiency in the language in order to succeed in their studies and eventually in their selected professions.


Bachelors in Communication

  With its ever expanding library, ePIP© is the ideal tool for students majoring in the field of communications-whether written or spoken, as it offers a wide variety of subjects and works by world renowned writers to practice with. After a course in ePIP© students in the Communications fields will have enough experience and confidence to speak and/or write on almost any subject.


English for Nursing and Health Workers

  ePIP© has developed an English course for nurses and health workers that is comprehensive, effective, and efficient in delivering the English proficiency training that will prepare nurses and health workers for assignments overseas, and even for the NCLEX examinations. Taking full advantage of information and communications technology, partnered with a well-developed curriculum, this course opens the opportunity for nurses and health workers worldwide to pursue international careers. Incorporating the basic essentials of the language such as grammar, vocabulary, phonics, accent, reading and listening comprehension with the “special” English used in hospitals and other health work installations (i.e. medical terms, abbreviations, jargon and usage), the course is designed to help learners develop the necessary level of proficiency and fluency in order to function effectively in a native English speaking workplace. ePIP© training is individualized and differentiated to the specific strengths and weaknesses of each student so that the learning sessions and content are most appropriate.

Business English

  This specialized English course offers the necessary vocabulary, usage, and applications in different business situations. With business as the main beneficiary of globalization, it is not surprising that the demand for acquisition of an international language such as English has reached almost frantic proportions. Trends in Business Process Outsourcing, multimedia communications and IT-enabled industries have made the world so small that the only obstacle left is the language barrier. The EPIP Business English course is designed to level the odds in terms of international business by making international language learning available to everyone. With the ePIP©course for business English, business people will have a chance to learn English on their own available time, and in the comforts of their homes. This will overcome the time constraints that prevent many businessmen and their employees from effectively acquiring and developing the necessary skills in English to take advantage of this globalization and to be competitive.

Tourism, Hospitality, and Hotel and Restaurant English

  Globalization has also opened the gates of many countries to a new and stronger wave in the tourism and related industries like hotel and restaurant services. Employees of these industries are now compelled to be proficient in English, being the international language of tourism, in order to function effectively in their workplaces. The modern day tourist has a more complex lifestyle and more specific needs and concerns that make it necessary for service staff to communicate effectively in order to serve them well. EPIP offers “English for Special Purposes” courses specifically for hotel, restaurant, and tourism workers. These specialized English courses offer Basic English language proficiency training in listening, speaking, reading and writing, plus the necessary vocabulary, usage, and applications in different industry-related situations.  With these EPIP courses, people working in this busy industry will have a chance to learn English on their own available time, and even in the comforts of their homes.

Faculty Development

  It is no secret that our teachers are in dire need of further training and development in terms of English proficiency. While countless programs have been implemented in the area of improving the English of our teachers, none have succeeded as there hasn’t been any program with the consistent exposure, accurate monitoring and feedback mechanisms, and level-appropriate material that ePIP© offers. ePIP© consistently receives high praises and recommendations from the DepEd and NEAP as a truly convenient, effective, and economical tool for teachers’ English proficiency training for schools and colleges.


TOEFL & IELTS Reviewer

  TOEFL and IELTS are internationally administered tests that measure basic English proficiency in Listening, Structure, Reading and Writing and is used for admissions by colleges and universities offered in more than 170 countries. Test scores are also used as basis for pre-employment screenings in almost all facets of work and professions in all English-speaking countries.  Individualized tutorial review courses in preparation for these major English proficiency examinations are made available through ePIP©.   


Assessment Units

  ePIP© comes with Assessment Units that can be designed and created to fit the needs of teachers, trainers and other professionals who need to develop and administer skills assessment. For example, an English Assessment Program administers language proficiency tests that may lead to Certification of Proficiency in English from an institution using the ePIP© Assessment Unit.

The ePIP© Assessment Units have tools that allow the testing of Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension, Grammar and Structure for Speaking and Writing, Typing, and Pronunciation. In parallel, specific knowledge on subjects such as professional knowledge for nurses, maritime workers, tourism and business professionals can also be tested using these tools. Time limits and goals may also be preset by the test based on teaching and learning benchmarks.

Detailed test results are automatically collated into a database and delivered to the testing organization with evaluation and interpretation of results versus learning targets or objectives. These test results can also be classified and collated into any type of grouping based on skill, age group, or class, as the case may be.  For purposes of reviewing for international certification, this tool is ideal for the construction of practice material patterned after the TOEFL or IELTS test formats.

As is the case in all review centers for these tests, repetitive exercises using sample tests have been proven most effective when preparing for TOEFL or IELTS examination.


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