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  • Schools & Training Institutions: Education providers are constantly looking for better ways to deliver their local curriculum, or to provide greater access for audiences who struggle with the literacy and language levels of the material.  ePIP© works with local education officials to source and align content to their curriculum needs and publish the content through our technology. This creates a more engaging, accessible and authentic learning experience for:

    • Students: As a supplementary tool to classroom learning, ePIP© has helped countless students not only from the Philippines, but also from the Asia Pacific in developing their English proficiency skills in pronunciation, vocabulary development, listening, and reading comprehension. Diliman Preparatory School has pioneered the use of ePIP© in their English curriculum and eliciting positive feedback from parents and students alike.

    • Teachers: The quality of teaching is a key determinant of student learning. It depends on the quality of the people in the teaching profession, their initial teacher education and their continuing professional development, as well as their work practices and working environment. The need for English proficiency among teachers has reached crisis levels in recent years. Edulynx ePIP© is a handy tool that is well suited for teacher development programs in English proficiency. With ePIP, teachers will be more fluent in using English in the classroom thereby making them more effective educators.
  • Companies & Organizations: ePIP© helps organizations improve the effectiveness of their in-house language training programs. Companies typically see improvement across these five areas:

    • Optimized instructor time for culture, product & sales training
    • Improved success and graduation rates
    • Accelerated training-to-production time
    • Improved communication skills
    • Improved quality scores

  • Call Centers and BPO’s: Call center and BPO clients are often looking for affordable and effective solutions to immerse and train their employees in English materials. A rapidly changing work requirement and workforce create very unique training environments. The Learning Management System and Publishing aspects of ePIP© can create a rapid deployment, cost effective English training tool for call center agents and BPO staff. Our tools integrate with existing ERP systems and act as virtual one-to-one English tutors for employees.

  • Individuals: ePIP provides a set of interactive learning tools that combine text, images, and video from a wide variety of educational sources. These tools aim to create subconscious fluency through the development of critical language skills such as comprehension, pronunciation, and reading proficiency. It is:

    • An Online language trainer: helps PERFECT English pronunciation, comprehension, and reading speed.
    • A Content-based education for all levels: Ranging from Foundation English Skills, Grade School, High School, University, and English for Professional Purposes in fields such as Nursing, Maritime, and Business.

    • A library collection: Literary Classics, Great Speeches, Professional Reading, Movie clips and Music videos. Provides an abundant source of learning material for students of English at all levels-making the ePIP experience not only highly educational but also quite enjoyable.
    • A Personal Speech lab: Users can practice English skills in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

    • A teacher that gives Instant Assessment and Feedback: Users get rated on key skills instantly with ready to view printable reports.

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