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English as a Global Language


With the emergence of English as a global language, the need to learn English or improve English proficiency is now one that is global as well, spanning all age groups and sectors of modern society. With this need comes the constraints of time, cost, and of course, effectiveness of teaching, training or learning. ePIPŠ presents a solution that is quite capable of addressing the language proficiency need in all possible scenarios. ePIPŠ, as a learning tool, is quite versatile, and is applicable to practically all the training, teaching and learning environments one can think of.

  Education providers are constantly looking for better ways to deliver their curriculum or to provide greater access for teachers and students who struggle with the literacy and language levels of their subject matter under the following conditions:
  • English proficiency has suffered a serious global decline.

  • There is a serious lack of qualified English teachers.

  • There is neither time nor resources for effective teacher development.

  • There is a serious lack of proper facilities for English learning.

  • The cost of education is rising consistently.
  Hence, the search for a time-saving and cost effective solution has become one of paramount importance. A search that ePIP Academy can modestly say has ended today. ePIPŠ presents a solution through an intervention that is:
  • Cost effective

  • Scalable

  • Automated or Computer Based Training (CBT)

  • Content-based, multi-sensory approach to language learning using sound, effective methodology.

  • Self-paced, individualized instruction for all users.
  Intervention through ePIPŠ:  
  • ePIPŠ's versatility allows a seamless fit into curriculum at any level.

  • ePIPŠ's language learning methodology applies the best practices from the most effective language learning approaches used in education.
  • ePIPŠ is an intervention tool that takes away the rigorous and repetitive work in language teaching and it is a hundred times more effective.

  • ePIPŠ allows teachers to concentrate on the higher level thinking skills, understanding, and creative aspects of teaching.

  • ePIPŠ is portable. A language trainer you can access through the internet anytime, anywhere.

  • ePIPŠ provides students with an individual, native English speaking language trainer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at an unbeatable cost.

  • ePIPŠ is a time-saving and economical teacher development tool for improving English proficiency among faculty and staff.

  • ePIPŠ converts the school's computer laboratory into a cost-effective multi-purpose learning facility: computer/IT center, speech laboratory, and electronic reading library.

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